Staging a Home
For Sale in Halifax

Sandy and Judy Hines

Home staging tips

  • Clean everything in home to make it spotless.
  • Keep all your traffic areas clear.
  • Open all blinds and curtains to let light in.
  • Fresh flowers on table.
  • Reduce/remove family photos, sports trophies, collectibles, knick-knacks and souvenirs.
  • Declutter. Have a yard sale or take old furniture, clothing and knick-knacks to Goodwill. Organize shelves, put away items and purge your home of unnecessary items.
  • Clear kitchen and bathroom counters to be free of small appliances and personal effects.
  • Remove some furniture from all rooms but especially smaller rooms.
  • Paint all rooms with strong colors a neutral color.
  • Remove half of your closet contents.
  • Have fresh flowers on kitchen table.
  • Clean all windows and mirrors.
  • Keep path to all windows, furnace, appliances clear.
  • Remove all signs of pets such as litter box and food dishes.
  • Smokers don't smoke inside while house is for sale.
  • Add color with new throw pillows.
  • Have your fireplace fully operational all year.


When house is being shown to buyers:

  • Leave the house.
  • Turn on soft easy listening music on all floors.
  • Turn lights on in every room regardless of time of day.
  • Take out your pets and all signs of your pet such as litter box and dishes.
  • Turn off TV unless using for music.
  • Don't cook food with strong odors such as fish or garlic the day of a showing.
  • Bake cookies or bread.
  • In winter turn fireplace/woodstove on.
  • In winter make sure all driveways, walkways and steps are totally free of ice and snow.
  • In summer open windows to let in fresh air.


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