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Our Military IRP Home Sellers Plan

Welcome Military Home Sellers !! You've been posted and you need to find a Realtor to help you with your move. We would like to offer our services to you. We have helped over 200 military sellers navigate through the often complicated and stressful job of selling your home and moving to a new area. We understand the process and the IRP program and can provide expert advise to you. If you know you are being posted but won't be moving until several months from now we can help. We can meet with and discuss any plans you may have to get your house ready for sale. It is a good idea to get a realtor's opinion before you spend any money. We know what buyers want to see in a home. Feel free to contact us and with no obligation we will meet with you and discuss what we offer.
Below is our home selling plan. This is our basic plan but we customize a pplan for the marketing of your home.


Military Home Selling


We are registered and approved Brookfield IRP realtors.

1) Send Seller Brokerage Agreement to your IRP representative.

2) Complete Broker Opinion of Value and send to your Brookfield rep.

3) Every 30 days send 30 day Property Status Update to your Brookfield IRP.

4) Send all amendments of listings to your Brookfield IRP rep.

5) We are very knowledgeable of the IRP program so we will advise you on benefits your program offers.

Conventional Marketing:


1) Establish a realistic asking price. A comprehensive written Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) is prepared and presented to you.

2) Measure the property and prepare a detailed feature sheet. Surprisingly not all agents will bother to measure your property. They use the measurements of an old listing which are often wrong.

3) Give you room by room staging tips

4) Take about 100 professional quality photos  of your property with our high end DSLR camera with wide angle lens.

5) Edit photos and upload the maximum of 30 photos to MLS® to be viewed with your property

6) Carefully prepare and input MLS® sheet for your property

7) Put professional sign on property

8) A 10 page plus colored brochure with feature sheet and info about your property is prepared for your property. Copies are left at your property for buyers to take with them when they view.

9) Internet Marketing Program is started (see below).

10) Send listing to agents that are known to work in your area.

11) Distribute your listing to other Royal LePage agents.

12) Plan an Agent's Open House Caravan for MLS® agents.

13) Discuss public open houses with you and schedule open house(s) if you want them.

14) Immediate feedback on showings - We will call you within 24 hours of the showing to give you feedback ,unless the agent does not return my phone calls.

15) Update you weekly - We will contact you each week to update you and discuss upcoming marketing plans.

16) Negotiate offers on property - If there is a willing buyer and seller all offers should result in a sale. Some agents take offers lightly and sales are lost. We will negotiate all offers that you have enthusiastically and if there is a sale to be had we will get the sale together.

17) Follow up after the sale - After we have an accepted offer on your property all paperwork will be sent to your lawyer, bank etc., by our full time administrator, to ensure there are no holdups that occur from our end.


Internet Marketing:

1) Place your home on the MLS® website at

2) Place your home on Royal LePage national site at

3) Place your home on our office site at

4 )Place your home on my 8 personal websites at

5) Place your home on over 30 DDF websites through the Canadian Real Estate Association

6) Place your property on Facebook

7) Place your property on Kijiji and leave there until sold

8) Email other agents in our internet group

9) Email out of town buyers that your property may suit

Things Military Buyers and Sellers Need to Know:

Military buyers and sellers should understand the following:
Mortgages Pre Payment Penalties - NOTE: The information below is current as of April 2019 but changes have been proposed that will see the payment of the mortgage payout again. To be safe follow plan below.
If you take out a 5 year mortgage and are moved before the 5 years are up you may have to payout your mortgage. There are prepayment penalties that lenders charge and it can be over $10,000 in many cases. These costs used to be paid by DND but they are no longer paid. Some lenders have agreed to waive these penalties for Military buyers others still charge the penalties. So you should only deal with lenders who have agreed to waive the penalties and you should get a letter in writing before you sign your mortgage stating that there will be no penalties.
Paying for inspections ( other than house inspection) up front - Home inspectors bill Brookfield directly but you pay for all other inspections up front and are reimbursed later. Count on another $500 for tests such as Radon if you are buying on municipal water and sewer and $1,500 if you are buying on well and septic.
Loss on the sale of your home - There is a provision in your IRP plan that provides for you being reimbursed up to $30,000 on any loss that you incurred when you sell your home. This is important to know if you get to the point where you have an offer that is less than you paid for your home and want to accept it. You can accept it and be reimbursed for the loss up to $30,000. This can be very beneficial in a slow market. This program has had some changes recently so check for details with your IRP representative.
Things you need for you House Hunting Trip (HHT) - You will need certain things for your HHT.
- Funds to cover your inspections or a credit card with a limit to cover these inspections.
- Name and contact information of your Brookfield Rep and your Brookfield file number. Your house inspector and lawyer will need these to bill Brookfield
- A cheque for your deposit - You will need a cheque for your deposit and funds in the chequing account to cover your deposit. A deposit cheque of between $1,000 and $5,000 will be needed when you write your offer and will be cashed upon acceptance.
- Slip on shoes for viewing homes
- GPS for your car rental - A GPS is very helpful on your HHT. Either rent a car that has one or the rental company can rent you a portable one.


More Sellers Information:
For additional sellers information see the SELLERS section in the index above this page.


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